Quiz answers

Ok, so in my previous post I asked you a couple of questions in a quiz. And now I will present the answers as well.

1. She was born on the 22nd November 1977 in Örnsköldsvik.
2. She was a journalist at Länstidningen in Östersund, Östersunds-Posten and Aftonbladet. She has also worked as a host for radio programs in the Swedish Channel P3 and P1.
3. The first album she released was “Introducing… Hello Saferide” in 2005.
4. She released the first single in 2007 under the stagename Säkert! and it was “Vi kommer att dö samtidigt”.
5. Animal Five performed “Vi kommer att dö samtidigt” in English
6. The name Hello Saferide comes from Annikas time as an exchange student in USA. At her school, they provided a cab service that was called “Saferide” and every time the cab company answered the phone it was with the words “Hello Saferide”
7. The albums she has produced under the stagename Säkert! are called Säkert! (2007), Facit (2010) and Säkert! På engelska (2011)
8. She took a break from music since she was burned out.
9. She returned to music in 2014 with the new Hello Saferide-album “The Fox, the hunter and Hello Saferide”.
10. She lives in Umeå.

Hope you enjoyed the quiz 🙂

I have something else to tell you. You know how I wrote about my big love and how hurt I was when he met someone else. Well, he called me the other day! I was chocked! Of course, we haven’t been enemies or anything, but it was a long time since we talked to each other and that’s why I was chocked. I answered the phone, but just out of reflex. If I had recognized his phone number I don’t think I would have answered…. I think he was kind of surprised I answered, but I heard at his voice that he was happy talking to me. He didn’t say anything, but I understood somehow that he had some troubles in his relationship. I honestly didn’t know if I was supposed to be happy or not. I feel sorry for him and his family, but perhaps this wasn’t the end for us. Instead a new beginning perhaps. I am very confused, but I won’t get my hopes up. I have been disappointed once and I can’t go through that again. It will break me.

I overcame my fear!

Thoughtful wordsI did it! I went on a date! I called the guy I met, Jens, because I thought he seemed very nice. So we chatted a bit and then we decided to go on a date. He was quite nice, but not my type really. He can be a good friend, though.

We started the evening with some dinner and ended it with a cinema. It was nice. Of course I had begun the evening by listening to Säkert! Before we met 😉 I don’t know if you remembered my previous blog post about overcoming you fear and how Annika Norlin overcame her fear of performing in front of others. And now I overcame my fear of dating! I don’t think it will be a second date though, but at least I’m happy about going on a first one which I haven’t done for a long time. We said that we will keep in touch, but I don’t think anyone of us saw any sparks.

Well, enough about me. Now I will provide you with a short quiz about Annika Norlin and Säkert! I don’t have any prizes, it’s just for fun and I will reveal the answers in my next post.

1. When is Annika Norlin born?
2. What is her profession besides her music carer?
3. Which was the first album she released?
4. When did she release the first single under the artist name “Säkert!”?
5. Which group have made a cover in English from the song “Vi kommer att dö samtidigt”?
6. What does the name “Hello Saferide” comes from?
7. What are the names of the records she has released as “Säkert!”?
8. Annika took a break from her music career, why?
9. When did she return to the music?
10. Where does Annika Norlin lives?

Dancing, Though…

I didn’t want to do this, but I realize I must. I have to share a little bit about my story, why I was broken hearted. For my own sake. I have to write this and If you don’t wan’t to listen, just skip this post, I don’t mind. But it’s important to me to get it out of my system…. Everyone who has followed me realize I have been hurt and have trouble dealing with it and to meet someone new. Now I have actually got some phone numbers, and want to open up again.

I met my big love as 13 years old, although I didn’t know he would become my big love back then. He was calm and always nice to me, since we lived very close to each other. We went to same school and became very good friends. When we graduated we remained friends and got even closer. We began realizing we might could become more than friends, because we started to get emotions. Of course, this wasn’t something we talked about, we just knew we should be together. But then it happened. He met someone. Of course we had dated separately, but since we knew we belonged together neither one of us took it seriously. Until she came around and got pregnant! Of course he couldn’t leave her. And after a baby girl was born, they married.

This is why I’m identifying so much with the song “Dancing, Though”, because my heart was really bleeding when they got married. Of course, I didn’t go to the wedding, I could barely speak with him. I realized I was foolish, because we never made any promises to each other, but in my heart I knew we belonged together. So I felt betrayed, but I could never say this to him because I had no right to.

But I think I’m ready to get over this. Especially after writing this, since I understand how ridiculously this sounds. He never betrayed me, in fact he wanted us to still remain friends, which I naturally never could.

I’m going to get over this. I know I have too. Love / life is almost like a game of poker. Like this quote:

“Life is just a big game of Texas hold’em, unexpected things may arise that may suite you or destroy you. You gotta make the best of the cards your dealt, adjust accordingly, and always understand that you control your decisions.”
― Mustafa Said

I have no idea what the future will bring me. Perhaps we’ll end up together or perhaps I have to accept the unexpected, that we never made it. Well, for now I have a few calls to make to the guys I meet recently. So I’m trying to move on and will keep you updated on this.

Here is the song “Dancing Though” once more, which have had a huge importance to me. I listened to it so much, trying to get over the fact the were getting married and I think it actually helped a bit, knowing that others can feel the same way. Hope you like it too:

Spotify – a great music service!

spotify - music serviceIsn’t Spotify great? Spotify really changed my life when it was released. With Spotify you can access music wherever you are, and the best thing that it’s almost any kind of music you can listen to – including your favorite music. Of course it depends on if the artist has released it’s music to Spotify or if they have banned the music service. I can understand that some do, since they don’t get paid in the way they did before, when selling records.

Fortunately, Annika Norlin has released all the songs she’s made as Säkert! Or at least I think so. I know that she’s released Facit and Säkert! på engelska because I have my favorites on my Spotify list. I usually listen to them when I’m out walking and dream a little 🙂

When I heard about Spotify I almost couldn’t believe that a type of music service like this can exist. I remember that the first song I put on my playlist was Waka Waka with Shakira. And I have listened to it many times… I’m kind of strange when it comes to listening to music, since I tend to listen to the same song over and over again until l get really sick of it. And then I don’t listen to it at all for a couple of months, but after a while I repeat the same procedure.

I enjoy different kinds of music. I can listen to pop, rap, techno or other types of music that I find appealing. What’s appealing? I think it depends on taste and situation in life. Like for example, some of Annikas songs were appealing to me just because of my situation in life which the lyrics matched very well at the time. That’s how I became fascinated by her music. If I compare this with what I liked about Waka Waka, I notice that it differs. In Waka Waka it was the music that I found appealing, not the lyrics. The music was happy and cheerful, which suited me very well!

I think it’s interesting to analyze how we react to music and I really enjoy those parties when a few of my friends are gathered around and we all listen to songs each one of us like. It’s a fun way to experience new types of music and to really listen to songs you might not have listened to otherwise. That’s how my friend discovered Säkert! Since I introduced her. I think Spotify can really be helpful with this, and I guess some musicians might have much to gain from this. I’d rather pay more to see a musician live and be able to listen to the songs for free at Spotify, than having to buy an album and pay a little less to see the artist live.

Anyway, I do pay a little for Spotify, but it’s to get rid of all the commercial and adds which is very annoying in the version of Spotify that is free.

A good night out!

We went out! And I had so much fun! As I previous wrote, I called my friend Nilla and asked her if she wanted to go out and dance this Saturday, which we did. I wan’t to tell you all about it, since it was so long time I wen’t out and this time I actually enjoyed myself.

We started the night in my flat, drinking a glass of wine and listening to Säkert! På Engelska. We had it on repeat 😉 And I’ll guess there was one or two more glasses of wine that went down before we head out 😉

We actually decided to go to Casino Copenhagen before going to the pub. I’m not really a gambler, so it was a long time since I had been there. Nilla usually go there once a month and I can understand that, because it was really fun! We played several games, like slots, roulette and blackjack. It was quite expensive though and they used a stupid tipping system, in which you have to tip when you’re winning. It’s almost compulsory, since the dealers aren’t paid by the casino if I understood a casino host right.

Anyway, we made a few winnings and decided to head to a pub close by before going to the club. We had a beer to strengthen us with before showing our dance moves 🙂

When arriving at the club, the music was so loud that it was impossible to talk. But we danced until late that night and I actually got a few phone numbers with me…. Perhaps I will try to overcome my fear and give the guys a call. At least one of them was really cute, his name was Jens and we talked for a while (how much talking that now was possible in the loud club). But he worked at a child care center, which might shows that he’s caring.

Anyway, when I got home I thought of how much fun the casino was, so I decided to try some online gambling (afterwards, I thought it wasn’t very clever with all the wine I had to drink….). I couldn’t log on to Maria so I read some reviews at Casino Omega and decided to try out a different casino. Not very many winnings though, perhaps I shall stick with bingo.

Overcoming your fear

DanceI read an interview with Annika and she said was really afraid during her first performance. She had always been scared of talking in front of others and as a child she always had been shaking when having to do this in school. Therefor she was really scared when having the first gig after the first album “Introducing… Hello Saferide” was released. In the audience were already established musicians, like Sahara Hotnights, Mando Diao and Hellacopters. But somehow she managed to overcome her fear and today she’s really proud of herself that she did.

I just wanted to reflect a bit about this. What should have happened if she didn’t overcome her fear. She said that she has always played music, but not live. So I wonder, would she have made it as a musician if she didn’t play live? That makes me think about my own fears. What will happen if I overcome them? In what way will my life change? If I actually let my guard down and meet someone? Or if I actually start studying again? Today I’m a bit afraid that I can’t manage this, that it’s too difficult. Therefor it’s more convenient not to begin new projects or relationships because I’m afraid it will go wrong. It’s like a friend once told me: “You know what you have, but not what you’re going to get”.

But if Annika Norlin hadn’t overcome her fear, then perhaps the world wouldn’t have known about “Säkert”! or “Hello Saferide”. So what am I missing out on when being afraid? It’s time to let go! This Saturday I will call Nilla and ask if we can go out and dance. I will be open to everyone I meet. That’s a promise to myself! I read somewhere that there shall be a bingo night in town this Saturday, perhaps we could go there first. Or perhaps there will just be old ladies there… But if we go out and dance afterwards maybe that can be fun. I have actually played a little bit of bingo online at Maria, since I came across a review at Bingo Omega which was very positive. I liked that it had a social community and actually chatted with a few guys. But I think they have dropped it, so that’s a bit sad because I enjoyed playing bingo while chatting. I haven’t played in a long time, though, don’t know if the site is still allowed in Denmark.

I huvudet på Annika Norlin

I read some more about Malmö Live and Annika Norlins concert there. And it was a real shame I missed it. She mixed both her projects – Hello Saferide and Säkert! – with members from both bands and all the records. She wanted to do something special, not just an ordinary concert and therefor she presented the concert “Hello Saferide + Säkert!”.

Also, during the same weekend she was at Malmö Live. During three days she staged Malmö Live and presented her music, reflections and passions. I’m so sad I missed it. Apparently, Anna Storåkers had asked Annika if she wanted to perform at Malmö Live. “You can do anything you want”, she said.

According to a review I read Annika performed very well. One critic said that she was like a singing writer, since she used the lyrics in the performance. She projected the lyrics while singing the words, which gave a very nice effect during the performance. Since it’s the lyrics that make her music so good, I think this was a very good idea of Annika – to put the lyrics in focus.

The words in her lyrics are very simple, but they really talk to you. I think she has succeeded with something most musicians can’t do, making very simple lyrics that somehow speak to you. I think it’s because she capture feelings so well, I mean how many people doesn’t recognize themselves in the words:

I will dance although my heart is breaking
will dance although my heart is breaking
bad band I don’t like you guys
but you cover the sound of message that’s not coming

I know I recognize myself very much. How many times haven’t I used distraction, even from things I don’t like very much, to forget about messages I’m longing for but don’t receive…. Simple words, but so familiar.

Were you at the concert? Please tell me how it was! You can contact me here.

New experiences

Well, now I have given Hello Saferide another chance together with my friend and I have to say I like what I hear! Of course it’s a different sound than Säkert! but I think it’s quite good. I especially liked “If I Don’t Write This Song Someone I Love Will Die”, I don’t know why, but I think it was the music that I preferred. Otherwise I’m more fond of her lyrics since I can recognize yourself in them, but in this song I really liked the music. The other songs I have listened to with Hello Saferide has been more soft, like the one “Long Lost Paypal”. They are beautiful as well, but I believe I prefer music more similar to pop. But I guess that’s a matter of taste. I think my friend almost enjoyed Hello Saferide better than Säkert!

Anyway, I read an interview with Annika Norlin the other day and she’s been to Malmö Live!! And I missed it! I have to read more about it and see if she will do more concerts. Can’t believed I missed it! But I didn’t think she was going to play again, so I haven’t been looking for concerts or similar things.

I think it was a shame when she took a break from music, but I guess we all need to take a break from life and what we’re doing sometimes. I know I would need to. I have no idea of what to do next in my life. Sometimes it feels like life is just passing and I’m not a part of it. I think I have to try to meet someone soon, but honestly, I’m not very interested right now. I’ve been hurt too much. Therefor I have taken it very easy with relationships. But I guess it’s time to move on soon.

Give it a chance

I told you a story how I discovered Säkert. Well, yesterday I played my favorite songs for a good friend yesterday and she was also hooked! Thought that was great! I mean, the songs are a couple of years now so perhaps they are a bit unmodern, but she thought they we’re great. She especially loved ”Vi kommer att dö samtidigt”.

We then googled the cover ”We’re going to die” with the Animal Five. I’ve had heard it, but she wasn’t very impressed. Unfortunately. I think we disagree there, because I like it very much. But I think perhaps Annika would have made it better, since I really love her English covers of her Swedish songs. We therefor really hope that she also will make a cover of this, another version than the one The Animal Five has made. I wish it would be more like the songs on the album ”Säkert! På engelska”.

Anyway, we have decided that we will listen on Hello Saferide as well to see how much we enjoy the band. I have listened to Hello Saferide a bit before, but it was a long time ago so I will give it another chance. Back then I wasn’t to thrilled, but over the years my taste of music has changed, so now I’m more broad in my taste of music. I guess it has to do with my age and experiences from life. The fact is that different types of moods serves different types of music.

Therefor I will listen to Hello Saferide once more, since she has produced a lot more material under this stage name, which means a lot of music that will be completely new to me if I like it. We have decided to meet this weekend, so hopefully I can share my experience with you. In the meantime, here is the video of “We’re going to die” with the Animal Five.

Säkert! – The English release

When I heard that Säkert! was going to give out a their second album Facit in English I was very happy about it. Since I’m living in Denmark I understand almost everything that the Swedish songwriter Annika Norlin sings about, but since I prefer English lyrics I thought this was a great initiative. Apparently Annika Norlin had got letters from fans saying they translated the lyrics, which made her come up with the idea to an English album. That’s how ”Säkert! på engelska” was invented. The cool thing about the album is that Annika Norlin wanted to translate the Swedish words to English in a way so it almost turned out to a third language by translating word for word.

Since I like both the music and the melancholic lyrics that Säkert! provides, I decided to start this blog to praise the great work! The songs are about working too hard, loving too much, talking too little, about politics and growing up too slow in the northern parts of Sweden. They really are brilliant songs, since it’s very easy to relate to the topics. Like for example the song “Dansa, Fastän” that has a special meaning to me, which is how I discovered the band. You can read more about me and that song here. I guess this blog will be about everything related to Säkert!, music and other stuff.

My favorite album is Facit and here is a few lines that Pitchfork wrote:

“So sooner or later you’re going to have to try to understand what she’s singing about, whether a holy misfit with the same first name as the prime minister, a young rebel who reminds the narrator of her own faded idealism, or an insecure woman who can’t help but go back to a former lover, like Liz Lemon returning to loser boyfriend Dennis Duffy in old episodes of “30 Rock”.