Give it a chance

I told you a story how I discovered Säkert. Well, yesterday I played my favorite songs for a good friend yesterday and she was also hooked! Thought that was great! I mean, the songs are a couple of years now so perhaps they are a bit unmodern, but she thought they we’re great. She especially loved ”Vi kommer att dö samtidigt”.

We then googled the cover ”We’re going to die” with the Animal Five. I’ve had heard it, but she wasn’t very impressed. Unfortunately. I think we disagree there, because I like it very much. But I think perhaps Annika would have made it better, since I really love her English covers of her Swedish songs. We therefor really hope that she also will make a cover of this, another version than the one The Animal Five has made. I wish it would be more like the songs on the album ”Säkert! På engelska”.

Anyway, we have decided that we will listen on Hello Saferide as well to see how much we enjoy the band. I have listened to Hello Saferide a bit before, but it was a long time ago so I will give it another chance. Back then I wasn’t to thrilled, but over the years my taste of music has changed, so now I’m more broad in my taste of music. I guess it has to do with my age and experiences from life. The fact is that different types of moods serves different types of music.

Therefor I will listen to Hello Saferide once more, since she has produced a lot more material under this stage name, which means a lot of music that will be completely new to me if I like it. We have decided to meet this weekend, so hopefully I can share my experience with you. In the meantime, here is the video of “We’re going to die” with the Animal Five.