I huvudet på Annika Norlin

I read some more about Malmö Live and Annika Norlins concert there. And it was a real shame I missed it. She mixed both her projects – Hello Saferide and Säkert! – with members from both bands and all the records. She wanted to do something special, not just an ordinary concert and therefor she presented the concert “Hello Saferide + Säkert!”.

Also, during the same weekend she was at Malmö Live. During three days she staged Malmö Live and presented her music, reflections and passions. I’m so sad I missed it. Apparently, Anna Storåkers had asked Annika if she wanted to perform at Malmö Live. “You can do anything you want”, she said.

According to a review I read Annika performed very well. One critic said that she was like a singing writer, since she used the lyrics in the performance. She projected the lyrics while singing the words, which gave a very nice effect during the performance. Since it’s the lyrics that make her music so good, I think this was a very good idea of Annika – to put the lyrics in focus.

The words in her lyrics are very simple, but they really talk to you. I think she has succeeded with something most musicians can’t do, making very simple lyrics that somehow speak to you. I think it’s because she capture feelings so well, I mean how many people doesn’t recognize themselves in the words:

I will dance although my heart is breaking
will dance although my heart is breaking
bad band I don’t like you guys
but you cover the sound of message that’s not coming

I know I recognize myself very much. How many times haven’t I used distraction, even from things I don’t like very much, to forget about messages I’m longing for but don’t receive…. Simple words, but so familiar.

Were you at the concert? Please tell me how it was! You can contact me here.