Overcoming your fear

DanceI read an interview with Annika and she said was really afraid during her first performance. She had always been scared of talking in front of others and as a child she always had been shaking when having to do this in school. Therefor she was really scared when having the first gig after the first album “Introducing… Hello Saferide” was released. In the audience were already established musicians, like Sahara Hotnights, Mando Diao and Hellacopters. But somehow she managed to overcome her fear and today she’s really proud of herself that she did.

I just wanted to reflect a bit about this. What should have happened if she didn’t overcome her fear. She said that she has always played music, but not live. So I wonder, would she have made it as a musician if she didn’t play live? That makes me think about my own fears. What will happen if I overcome them? In what way will my life change? If I actually let my guard down and meet someone? Or if I actually start studying again? Today I’m a bit afraid that I can’t manage this, that it’s too difficult. Therefor it’s more convenient not to begin new projects or relationships because I’m afraid it will go wrong. It’s like a friend once told me: “You know what you have, but not what you’re going to get”.

But if Annika Norlin hadn’t overcome her fear, then perhaps the world wouldn’t have known about “Säkert”! or “Hello Saferide”. So what am I missing out on when being afraid? It’s time to let go! This Saturday I will call Nilla and ask if we can go out and dance. I will be open to everyone I meet. That’s a promise to myself! I read somewhere that there shall be a bingo night in town this Saturday, perhaps we could go there first. Or perhaps there will just be old ladies there… But if we go out and dance afterwards maybe that can be fun. I have actually played a little bit of bingo online at Maria, since I came across a review at Bingo Omega which was very positive. I liked that it had a social community and actually chatted with a few guys. But I think they have dropped it, so that’s a bit sad because I enjoyed playing bingo while chatting. I haven’t played in a long time, though, don’t know if the site is still allowed in Denmark.