A good night out!

We went out! And I had so much fun! As I previous wrote, I called my friend Nilla and asked her if she wanted to go out and dance this Saturday, which we did. I wan’t to tell you all about it, since it was so long time I wen’t out and this time I actually enjoyed myself.

We started the night in my flat, drinking a glass of wine and listening to Säkert! På Engelska. We had it on repeat 😉 And I’ll guess there was one or two more glasses of wine that went down before we head out 😉

We actually decided to go to Casino Copenhagen before going to the pub. I’m not really a gambler, so it was a long time since I had been there. Nilla usually go there once a month and I can understand that, because it was really fun! We played several games, like slots, roulette and blackjack. It was quite expensive though and they used a stupid tipping system, in which you have to tip when you’re winning. It’s almost compulsory, since the dealers aren’t paid by the casino if I understood a casino host right.

Anyway, we made a few winnings and decided to head to a pub close by before going to the club. We had a beer to strengthen us with before showing our dance moves 🙂

When arriving at the club, the music was so loud that it was impossible to talk. But we danced until late that night and I actually got a few phone numbers with me…. Perhaps I will try to overcome my fear and give the guys a call. At least one of them was really cute, his name was Jens and we talked for a while (how much talking that now was possible in the loud club). But he worked at a child care center, which might shows that he’s caring.

Anyway, when I got home I thought of how much fun the casino was, so I decided to try some online gambling (afterwards, I thought it wasn’t very clever with all the wine I had to drink….). I couldn’t log on to Maria so I read some reviews at Casino Omega and decided to try out a different casino. Not very many winnings though, perhaps I shall stick with bingo.