Spotify – a great music service!

spotify - music serviceIsn’t Spotify great? Spotify really changed my life when it was released. With Spotify you can access music wherever you are, and the best thing that it’s almost any kind of music you can listen to – including your favorite music. Of course it depends on if the artist has released it’s music to Spotify or if they have banned the music service. I can understand that some do, since they don’t get paid in the way they did before, when selling records.

Fortunately, Annika Norlin has released all the songs she’s made as Säkert! Or at least I think so. I know that she’s released Facit and Säkert! på engelska because I have my favorites on my Spotify list. I usually listen to them when I’m out walking and dream a little 🙂

When I heard about Spotify I almost couldn’t believe that a type of music service like this can exist. I remember that the first song I put on my playlist was Waka Waka with Shakira. And I have listened to it many times… I’m kind of strange when it comes to listening to music, since I tend to listen to the same song over and over again until l get really sick of it. And then I don’t listen to it at all for a couple of months, but after a while I repeat the same procedure.

I enjoy different kinds of music. I can listen to pop, rap, techno or other types of music that I find appealing. What’s appealing? I think it depends on taste and situation in life. Like for example, some of Annikas songs were appealing to me just because of my situation in life which the lyrics matched very well at the time. That’s how I became fascinated by her music. If I compare this with what I liked about Waka Waka, I notice that it differs. In Waka Waka it was the music that I found appealing, not the lyrics. The music was happy and cheerful, which suited me very well!

I think it’s interesting to analyze how we react to music and I really enjoy those parties when a few of my friends are gathered around and we all listen to songs each one of us like. It’s a fun way to experience new types of music and to really listen to songs you might not have listened to otherwise. That’s how my friend discovered Säkert! Since I introduced her. I think Spotify can really be helpful with this, and I guess some musicians might have much to gain from this. I’d rather pay more to see a musician live and be able to listen to the songs for free at Spotify, than having to buy an album and pay a little less to see the artist live.

Anyway, I do pay a little for Spotify, but it’s to get rid of all the commercial and adds which is very annoying in the version of Spotify that is free.