I overcame my fear!

Thoughtful wordsI did it! I went on a date! I called the guy I met, Jens, because I thought he seemed very nice. So we chatted a bit and then we decided to go on a date. He was quite nice, but not my type really. He can be a good friend, though.

We started the evening with some dinner and ended it with a cinema. It was nice. Of course I had begun the evening by listening to Säkert! Before we met 😉 I don’t know if you remembered my previous blog post about overcoming you fear and how Annika Norlin overcame her fear of performing in front of others. And now I overcame my fear of dating! I don’t think it will be a second date though, but at least I’m happy about going on a first one which I haven’t done for a long time. We said that we will keep in touch, but I don’t think anyone of us saw any sparks.

Well, enough about me. Now I will provide you with a short quiz about Annika Norlin and Säkert! I don’t have any prizes, it’s just for fun and I will reveal the answers in my next post.

1. When is Annika Norlin born?
2. What is her profession besides her music carer?
3. Which was the first album she released?
4. When did she release the first single under the artist name “Säkert!”?
5. Which group have made a cover in English from the song “Vi kommer att dö samtidigt”?
6. What does the name “Hello Saferide” comes from?
7. What are the names of the records she has released as “Säkert!”?
8. Annika took a break from her music career, why?
9. When did she return to the music?
10. Where does Annika Norlin lives?