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Säkert! in collaboration – a masterpiece!

I’m so sorry I haven’t been here to update you in a while! I’ve missed you and I have a lot to tell you, but that will have to be another post. Now, I’d like to ask you if you’ve heard when Säkert! did a collaborate with the swedish rapper called Petter. It’s quite an […]

A story to tell

Hi everyone! As you may know i have a page on this blog where you can share your story, and some of you have done that now. I’m going to start with a letter that describes the most delicate thing about love and how to heal a broken heart. The sender asked to be anonymous […]

I overcame my fear!

I did it! I went on a date! I called the guy I met, Jens, because I thought he seemed very nice. So we chatted a bit and then we decided to go on a date. He was quite nice, but not my type really. He can be a good friend, though. We started the […]

Spotify – a great music service!

Isn’t Spotify great? Spotify really changed my life when it was released. With Spotify you can access music wherever you are, and the best thing that it’s almost any kind of music you can listen to – including your favorite music. Of course it depends on if the artist has released it’s music to Spotify […]

New experiences

Well, now I have given Hello Saferide another chance together with my friend and I have to say I like what I hear! Of course it’s a different sound than Säkert! but I think it’s quite good. I especially liked “If I Don’t Write This Song Someone I Love Will Die”, I don’t know why, […]

Give it a chance

I told you a story how I discovered Säkert. Well, yesterday I played my favorite songs for a good friend yesterday and she was also hooked! Thought that was great! I mean, the songs are a couple of years now so perhaps they are a bit unmodern, but she thought they we’re great. She especially […]