I just wanted to give you a short presentation about me, the author of this blog. My name is Sonja and I’m 24 years old, currently living in a flat outside of Copenhagen with my two fat cats. I’m working as a waitress in a small café, while deciding what to do with my life 🙂

I discovered Säkert! when my life was upside down. It was when a Swedish friend was visiting that she introduced me to one of the songs. She wanted to cheer me up and wanted me to find my strength again after loosing my big love. He was getting married – obviously not to me – and I had trouble handling this. But when my friend played me the song ”Dansa, Fastän” from the Album Facit I knew everything would be alright. I listened to it everyday for a long period and though it’s a quite sad song, I somehow found a strength in the line ”Jag ska dansa fastän hjärtat blöder” and thought that’s what I must do! So now I’m free, even though it has taken me some years.

Anyway, I started listening more to Säkert! and was so happy when the English album became a reality! My favorite songs are ”Dansa, Fastän”, ”Någon gång måste du bli själv” och ”Vi kommer att dö samtidigt”. To my happiness, both ”Dancing, Though” and ”You’ll be on your own” was released on the English album. ”We’re going to die” had already been released in English, a cover made by The Animal Five.

In this blog I will write more about the songs, Säkert!, music, news and everything that interests me. I love music and have dreamt for so long about being a singer or a songwriter, although I have discovered that others can do this so much better than me…

Here is the song that made me discover Säkert! It’s from the album “Säkert! på engelska”, the original Swedish song is on the album “Facit”.