Säkert! is one of the stage names for Annika Norlin. She was born in Östersund in 1977 and started her music career with the debut album ”Introducing…Hello Saferide” under the stage name Hello Saferide. This came out in 2005 and two years later the album Säkert! was released. Annika Norlin also made the album ”Facit” under the stage name Säkert! before taking a break from the music.

Annika Norlin has also been a radio host and a journalist.

The album Säkert! was her first debut in Swedish. The first single was ”Vi kommer att dö samtidigt” which the band The Animal Five made a cover of in English. Her second album in Swedish was released in 2010 and the name was Facit. From this album she translated songs and released them in English. Some of the songs from the first album was also translated.

The album Säkert! På engelska consist of these songs:

1. November
2. Honey
3. Fredrik
4. Can I
5. The Lakes We Skate On
6. The Flu
7. Dancing, Though
8. You’ll Be on Your Own
9. It’s Going to Lead Up to Something Bad
10. Weak Is the Flesh
11. Quiet

Annika Norlin has received many awards, amongst others she has received several Grammis which is a Swedish prestigious music prize.

She has also released the book “Texter” with the lyrics from the songs on her albums. If you listen to her lyrics, they are very fascinating and easy to relate to. Well, at least in my opinion.

Since I like her music under the stage name Säkert! Better than Hello Saferide, I really hope she’s working on new material because I can’t wait to hear it!

Säkert! på engelska